One of the most exciting advances in the international sport yacht sector, spearheaded by Australia’s leading motor yacht brand Maritimo, caused a sensation at the recent Sydney International Boat Show with the first release of details of the new dynamic X50 sport yacht.

A contingent of more than 25 Australian and international journalists were treated to the first viewing of the new Maritimo X50 on the morning of the first day of the Sydney International Boat Show, with the news of the latest model in the X series to premiere in 2019.

It set the tone for the Maritimo marina display for the next five days, with a steady stream of sales and enquiry on the new X series and M series Flybridge models. The X50 and its internationally successful sibling the X60 have re-written the status quo for sport yachts internationally with further breakthroughs in design innovation and technology.

Maritmo’s lead designer, Tom Barry-Cotter said interest in the X-range has continued to gather momentum since the X60 was first revealed at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May.

The world premiere of the Maritimo X60, the first model in the revolutionary new X-Series range, at Sanctuary Cove resulted in record sales success, aiding the highest sales record of any boat show in Maritimo’s 15-year history.  Barry- Cotter said the Sydney reveal of the X50 built on that momentum and he said additional models in the X series and M series range are also in development.

The latest innovative design made a strong statement to the industry that Maritimo is a united team committed to further establishing itself as industry leaders continually pushing the boundaries of design and technology.

He said Maritimo is going further than ever in the design analysis of waterflow over the hull. All underwater components have been heavily examined and designed with an obsessive consideration of drag reduction, creating maximum efficiency from the hull profile.

“The X 50 will deliver class leading fuel economy and range, high speed cruising capabilities and the latest technology from the world leaders in shaft driven performance,” said Barry-Cotter. “We have seen considerable rise in sales and interest from years previous, which confirms to us the undergoing developments within the brand are lifting us above the competition in the market place.” he said.

Barry-Cotter said the excitement around the brand is being felt internationally as well as domestically, with planning for Cannes Yachting Festival, Newport International Boat Show, and Auckland On Water Boat Show all scheduled for September.

“Many members of our international sales team were in Sydney for the launch of the X50 campaign and they are very excited about upcoming model developments for their respective markets in the near future.’